Old Friends
Ulli Bögershausen & Phil Shackleton
Die Alte Schule Gestringen 3 Februar 2017

I was introduced to Ulli  whilst sharing a gig during the early 1980's when we were working with the same management & agency here in Gemany. Ulli was a pretty cool finger style gutarist even in those days.  We became good friends over the years sharing music biz experiences, touring together & finding our own way through life. Since then, Ulli has become Germany's premier exponent of  the "fingerstyle" way of guitar playing & has toured internationally building up a huge fan base in Asia.    He also demonstrates the versatility & quality of  "Lakewood Guitars" around the world.

We wanted to perform an "old friends" concert to celebrate our long friendship and enjoy a hefty slice of nostaglia. The Alte Schule in Gestringen is the perfect setting. The Alte Schule (in the care of Addi & Monika Schäfer) is the last surviving venue that we played way back in the early eighties.

Recently we made  a short promo vid/clip for the gig & put it on Youtube. Unfortunately it can not be viewed in Germany, so here is the original version .

Please Click here for Video Clip

Shack & Bögershausen Gestringen

Please click on the text above the photo for the original promo vid/clip.