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  "Soul Within

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Soul Within Shackleton: PJS  Music 2012


Day by day, night after night

Day by day night after night


Been so long anticipating

when this day might fall,

I  really didnt wanna see you

oh, I hoped youd never call


Like poison in my system

a dark unholy ghost

Curled up in blood red darkness

inside your beating host.


Day by day, night after night

Day by day night after night


Now Im losing my resistance

and my value on the street,

I see it in the eyes & faces

of old friends that I meet


Now I question my religion

and the colour of my skin

Flesh & bone, the stuff Im made of

I search my soul within .


Day by day, night after night

Day by day night after night


Day by day, night after night

Day by day night after night  : rep to fade


Phil Shackleton : Acoustic & Electric guitars, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals.

Richie Arndt : Lead Guitar.

Alan Silson : Falsetto Backing vocals.



Info:   Recorded between Dec 2011 & April 2012 .  I recorded the initial idea/demo for the song immediately after the experience of having a heart attack.  I had night after night without sleep & day after day full of "angst" with only the refrain lyric going through my head to help me keep a grip on what was happening & I really was  recording "on the fly" !

I planned to re-record all the vocals later but at the mix-down stage, I decided to keep the original vocals  for honesty's sake. Even though they sound a little "tired" the vocals are genuine from that time, (three weeks after the incident).

I used a Martin D35 acoustic guitar, Fender Stratocaster & Precision Bass for the initial guitar work, underlayed  with keyboard synth & simple drum sequencer/pattern. The D35 & all vocals were recorded using a AKG C1000S  mic that was lying around in studio.

After completing the initial backing vocals I asked Alan Silson to top them off with his famous falsetto especially on the coda to give the vocals some "lift" .

Not being a lead guitarist, I explained the meaning behind the song to Richie Arndt & asked him to play the "lead break" which he did in true solid Richie style using a Fender Stratocaster & POD direct into the mixing desk.

I only just recently went back to the song to make an attempt at mixing it & this is the result.

I'm the first to admit it's not Abbey Road or Hit Factory quality &  there are questions concerning the choice of wether to write songs about such a personal experience but in my opinion these things are all part of life and should be addressed or documented.

I hope you like it,

Phil .