Retrospective 2

Here are some more recent pics .

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With Andy Nutter  before the gig at'The Inn On The Wharf' Burmley Lancashire. Photo taken in 2004 for Burnley Blues Festival.

'Fooling' with the 'Dubliners' Barney McKenna ,Sean Cannon, Adrian Byron Burns & Philippe Menard. Backstage after a gig in Dubrovnik Croatia. Photo by Berislav Jankovich.

On stage with Adrian Burns & Philippe Menard in Dubrovnik.

'Rocking one off' for a photo shoot. This picture was eventually used on a promotional poster.

This was taken at an acoustic concert I gave (on the way back to England) at the Media Factory in Meppen, Emsland Germany,  March 2006

Photo: Media factory.

Performing (middle)  with Gerry Hovell & Roger Clarke Johnson at the 'Weberei' in GŁtersloh .
Another shot from the Weberei December concert series in 2005. Taken on a different night to the one above, I'm working here with Roger Clarke Johnson on bass.

Learning the difficult timing & melody structures of klezmer music with Marco near Rome, Italy in April 2006.