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Here are some  pics from a good life in music , I hope they're of some interest to you too!

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Where it all began, rear garden at No 8 Moorland Drive Brierfield Lancashire England. Photo taken by my dad (Denis) around 1957-8, I would be about 2 years old.

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With my first real band 'The Waggoners'' posing at Barnoldswick Folk Club. Photo by Alan Harrison taken sometime in April/May 1974. Other members: (left, Stevie Powell, Mandolin & Bass:  Andy Clayton, Concertina & Melodeon: Keith Harrison (Goggs), Guitar, Bodhran & vocals: I also played Mandolin & Banjo at that time.
The Waggoners with the late great Jake Thackery, (Sister Josephine, Bantam Cock etc) photo taken by local press (I think), about Sept 1973. The Waggoners featured Arch McCulley (still a close friend) and Mick Kibble on vocals & guitar. I'm sitting front row 2nd right between Archie & Andy.

The next two murky pics are the only ones I possess of me with the Waggoners actually performing, This was probably taken by my girlfriend at the time, Elaine, and is at the Morris Dancers pub in Colne Lancashire. I'm playing 12 string guitar along with Keith Harrison (Goggs out of picture left) Andy Clayton, Mick Kibble & Archie McCulley.  It looks like I'm wearing glasses -I'm not!

This one was also taken by Elaine at the Langroyd Hall Folk Club where the waggoners had a resident spot every friday / Sunday night. With me are Keith & Andy.  Both pics are from around 1973/74.  Keith sadly passed away a few years ago.

One of the earliest photos with my career long musical partner Andy Nutter. I don't know who took this but it was at Trinity Club on Trafalgar Street Burnley Lancashire which burned down the night after the gig, not our fault honest! This would be around 1975/76. look, I had no beard and a full head of hair! I first met Andy doing a restaurant gig in Rossendale, he was drumming for a showband called 'Tricycle', he added some lovely harmonies to my Paul Simon stuff.
'Sending Songs To Heaven', a shot taken by Richard Rawsthorne at Barcroft Hall Cliviger Lancashire, somtime in 1976/77. We were leading a Jeykll & Hyde life then playing in a working mens club one night then a folk club the next! The handmade Yamaha guitar was stolen from my car outside the Townley Arms pub shortly after this shot was taken.

Now just look at this! It's amazing what hunger and crazy agents will make you wear, those ties were actually pink! we called our duo 'Talisman' well before the famous band of that name, and our white shoes were known as 'Talisman Twinklers'...... now where did Ladysmith Black Mambazo get the idea from I wonder ???

This is a portrait of my very close & dear friend Hamish Imlach. It was painted by another great friend & successful artist, Neil McLeod of Dundee, now living in Hamburg Germany. The last time I saw this, it was hanging on the wall in a pub called 'The Onion' located very near the Holsten Pils brewery in Altona, Hamburg, a very fitting place ! I'd met Hamish in 1974 through Archie whilst playing with the Waggoners.  He was to play a huge role in my life, almost like a second father. A wonderful man, this portrait really captures his expression when he played.

I remember seeing a copy of Hamish's album 'Fine Old Tory Times' which featured the two papiermache' heads of Edward Heath & Harold Wilson on the cover plus Hamish smoking a huge theatrical cigar. These were props from 'The Welly Boot Show' (with Billy Connelly), here is a rare photo of him promoting the show in an open topped car with the stripper Brandy de Franck. I think the photo came from the local press so I hope they don't take offence at me for using it. I can't find a copyright ( could be Glasgow Herald) but I think it's wonderful,  I may have to take this out later so shushhh!

I first went to 'Continental Europe' in August 1980 on tour with my old mate Hamish. We visited Denmark, Germany, Belgium & Holland playing at all the major festivals plus taking in gigs for BAOR who were on manouver at the time. This photo was taken for the cover of the German edition of my first album 'Sylkie' recorded with Andy Nutter during late 78 into 79. I had an offer for a solo tour in Germany for early 1981. Photo taken at the rear of 150 Halifax Road Nelson Lancashire.

One of the first gigs in Germany. Me looking fat and concentrating in 'Tante Alma', Herdecke near Dortmund. This was taken by my manager Volker Wilmking in March/April 1981.

Duetting with Gerry Spooner (Dobro bottleneck /slide guitar)  same gig 'Tante Alma' Herdecke 1981-

With Andy Nutter on one of our first duo gigs in Germany. This was taken at the 'Leineweber Markt' Bielefeld in 1984 or 85, I'm not quite sure. It was Andy's first time out in Europe with me.
Added Sept 2006

John Martyn & me asking each other for a dance!   This was taken at Hamish's 50th birthday party at the 'Riverside Club' in Glasgow. I first met John when we were both 'young men' - quite a few years ago.  The three of us had some great times & adventures together over the years.  In this photo Hamish sits right at the front - as usual!

That's all of the old stuff for now, I'll add more later. Please click on 'retrospective 2' for more recent Pics etc.
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